Pal emphasized Solana’s strengths

SOL caught the attention of former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, who touted the cryptocurrency as one of the prominent altcoin options and a potential rival to Ethereum's dominance.

$1 Quadrillion Crypto Forecast from Pal

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal claimed there is a $1 quadrillion use case for cryptocurrencies.

Pal focuses on a single metric in Bitcoin

Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs employee and founder of Real Vision company, said that he is focusing on a single metric in Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum Will Rise”

Raoul Pal stated that cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum will increase in value.

Raoul Pal; Gary Gensler’s views create political pressure for BTC

Raoul Pal shared his thoughts on Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications.

Ambitious prediction about Solana from Pal

Raoul Pal likened the Solana price action to the situation in 2018 when Ethereum increased its price 47 times after hitting bottoms.

2023 Cryptocurrency Prediction from Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal thinks we will see new highs in cryptocurrencies throughout the year. According to Macro Guru, liquidity will continue to expand on a global scale.

Pal: “Best Strategy Crypto and Gold”

Crypto investor Raoul Pal, who was also a manager at Goldman Sachs for a while, said that investors should start buying now.
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Pal Likened Current Market Movement To Cycle 15-16

Former Goldman Sachs executive expects a rapid rise in 6 months. Pal said that institutional capital will flow into cryptocurrencies.

Pal: “ETH Could Experience a Rally to Overtake BTC”

According to Raoul Pal, Ethereum (ETH) could exponentially surpass Bitcoin (BTC) in the next cycle.

Raoul Pal Maintains Big Rise For ETH

Raoul Pal, co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, shared that he maintains the expectation of massive upward price action for Ethereum (ETH).