Astar Network and Polygon Labs Collaborated for zkEVM

The Layer 1 smart contract platform is collaborating with Polygon Labs, a leading Ethereum scaling developer.
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Chronicle expands outside the MakerDAO ecosystem

Chronicle, the second largest oracle provider in the MakerDAO ecosystem, has announced that it will also operate outside of the ecosystem.
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Polygon Releases ‘Chain Development Kit’

Polygon has shared a toolkit to help developers build blockchains fueled by zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs.

Italian Central Bank to cooperate with Polygon and Fireblocks

The Bank of Italy announced that it will cooperate with Polygon and Fireblocks in the field of DeFi.

Change is Coming for Polygon: How Will Price Be Affected?

As Polygon 2.0 approaches, MATIC token stakers have increased over the past 7 days.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) Launches on Polygon zkEVM Network

PancakeSwap has announced that it will soon launch on the Polygon zkEVM network, a layer 2 solution.

Institutional Whale Sends MATICs to Binance and Coinbase

According to the latest on-chain data, a giant cryptocurrency whale is piling these tokens on exchanges during the massive altcoin crash.
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Daily Unique Address Number of EVM Compatible Blockchains Reached a Record

The high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain led users to other EVM compatible blockchains at a record level.

Google Cloud and Polygon Labs Announce Agreement

Google Cloud has announced an extensive partnership with Polygon Labs.
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Analyst Expects Big Increase in Polygon Price

Crypto analyst Ali believes Polygon could see a big price move soon and says MATIC could go towards $1.19 to $1.29.
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Remarkable Growth at Polygon: 2nd Place!

Increased user activity on Ethereum L2 Polygon in March saw the network become the second largest blockchain gaming network in terms of UAWs.
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Polygon Keeps Moving Forward with Sure Steps

The transition of Y00ts from Solana network to Polygon has finally taken place and a new chapter has been opened in the story of the collections.

Whale Removed Stakes from MATIC and Transferred to Binance

On-chain data shows that a crypto whale moved a large amount of Polygon (MATIC) altcoins to Binance.
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Immutable and Polygon Labs Partnered

Polygon and Immutable partner to help onboard more gamers and developers into web3.
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Binance NFT Marketplace Announces Supporting Polygon Network

Binance announced on its blog that Binance NFT Marketplace supports the Polygon network.

Convenience for Polygon Users From Giddy

Giddy, a crypto wallet application, allows users to pay "Gas Fee" at USDC. Giddy announced in the future that more token will be paid to the payment of Gas Fee'lar.

Notable Crypto Transfers From Whales: XRP and MATIC

As a new week begins, crypto whales made a staggering $282.5 million in XRP and Polygon (MATIC).
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Square Enix to Launch Blockchain Game Symbiogenesis

Square Enix, the maker of the video game series Final Fantasy, is gearing up to launch the blockchain game Symbiogenesis as it continues to expand its presence in the Web3 industry.