Brandt: “All that matters is that it’s on the hill…”

Peter Brandt made surprising comments about the "halving" and a possible ETF approval.

“ETH Will Probably Survive But BTC Is Legendary”

The analyst expects the BTC price to make a sharp downward move. According to him, most of the altcoins will disappear but ETH will survive.

“Perhaps One More Shake Out Break, Then Thrust Higher”

Veteran analyst Peter Brandt shared his new prediction about Bitcoin.

Experienced Analyst Says This Pattern Is Forming In Bitcoin

Analyst Peter Brandt recently warned investors that a drop in Bitcoin could occur.

Brandt: ‘Bitcoin Will Bury All Pretenders’

Peter Brandt, a well-known trader and author of Factor Trading Service, made a bullish prediction for Bitcoin in his latest tweet.

“Bitcoin is 12 Months Away From New ATHs”

Veteran analyst Peter Brandt claims that it will not be long before Bitcoin (BTC) reaches its all-time high (ATH).

Peter Brandt: “These Kind of Predictions Are Nonsense”

Peter Brandt has reacted to the increasing predictions that the Bitcoin price will reach $ 1 million in recent days and argued that such predictions are ridiculous.

Brandt’s “Stop Rule” Forecast for BTC

Peter Brandt, shared his views on Bitcoin (BTC).

Brandt: Bitcoin (BTC) Target Is This Level

Peter Brandt predicted the next level for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Peter Brandt: “Too Early For Rally Madness”

Famous financial analyst Peter Brandt analyzed the current situation of Bitcoin from a wide window.

Brandt Supports Chiliz (CHZ) Analysis

Famous Analyst commented on the Chiliz (CHZ) chart and said that this formation can happen.

Bull Claim For Dogecoin From Analyst

According to Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt, the bull has started for Dogecoin (DOGE), which has outstripped Cardano.