Analyst: “This Altcoin Group Performs Better in New Rally”

Cryptocurrency analyst said that new altcoins are outperforming in this bull and this trend may continue.

Arbitrum & Optimism Competition Heats Up

The rivalry between Arbitrum and Optimism, one of the most popular Ethereum layer-2 solutions, is getting hotter day by day.

Analyst Expects Big Rise For These 2 Altcoins

Popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed that he expects a massive rally in an altcoin alongside Ethereum.

Messari Compares Optimism and Arbitrum

Crypto research firm Messari recently compared Ethereum layer-2 solutions Optimism and Arbitrum.

Analyst Expects Rise In These Three Altcoins

A popular cryptocurrency analyst says that smart contract platform Solana and two altcoins are giving further bullish signals.
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Report Draws Attention to Altcoins, Favorite of Cryptocurrency Developers

Electric Capital, has released its "Developer Report" that provides insight into the growth of the crypto industry over the past seven years.