Controversial decision from OpenSea

Weekly NFT trading volume, which was over $3 billion in its best period, has been below $100 million recently.

OpenSea Launches OpenSea Pro

Popular NFT platform Opensea has introduced a new feature.

New Era in OpenSea: Change in Pricing Policy

OpenSea, the world's largest NFT trading platform, has made changes in its price policy.

Blur Wants to Become the Market Leader of the NFT Industry

Blur, a newcomer to the sector, has recently attracted attention. In fact, Blur's performance began to challenge OpenSea, the market leader.

OpenSea Will Support NFTs on Arbitrum Nova

NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced support for Arbitrum Nova.

OpenSea Makes Its Decision on the Subject Discussed by the NFT World

NFT marketplace giant OpenSea will this week roll out the first of a series of tools that will allow creators of new NFT collections to apply on-chain royalties.