Tether to Launch Bitcoin Mining in Uruguay

Tether has announced that it wants to mine Bitcoin (BTC) using sustainable energy in the South American country.

Block Bought Multiple Mining Chips From Intel

Fintech startup Block, owned by Jack Dorsey, has purchased a large amount of Intel mining chips, which are announced to be discontinued.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises To Record High

Bitcoin's mining difficulty level rose 1.72% on Thursday, reaching a record high.

Monthly and Quarterly Records from Bitcoin Mining Company

One of the mining companies, Marathon, broke the company's history record in both monthly and quarterly Bitcoin production.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increased

The mining difficulty in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin increased by 9.95 percent after the last adjustments.

Mining Company Bitfarms Closed Loan Debt

Bitfarms has cut its relationship by closing its burden on crypto debt platform BlockFi, which went bankrupt last year.

Celsius Expands Its Mining Operations

Celcius, which is currently mining with 27,500 devices, is expanding its activities in this field with an additional 37,500 mining devices to come from Core Scientific.

Japan’s Largest Energy Company Enters BTC Mining

TEPCO, the largest energy company in Japan, has decided to use surplus energy in Bitcoin mining.

On-Chain Data Points Second Wave of Miner Capitulation

On-chain data marked the second wave of a Bitcoin miner surrender in one cycle.

Bitcoin mining difficulty hits record once again

Mining difficulty in Bitcoin has once again set a record after about two adjustment cycles.