According to Analysts, BTC’s Movements May Tell More Than We Think

Mike McGlone said that the stagnation in cryptocurrencies creates anxiety. Weakness in Q3 could point to a recovery or larger recession.

“The Increasing Number of Altcoins Has a Negative Effect”

Mike McGlone, one of Bloomberg's experienced analysts, discussed the situation of Bitcoin in his latest post.

McGlone: “The Return to $10,000 Process May Continue”

Bitcoin could face further downward pressure as interest rates rise globally, according to McGlone.

McGlone: “$30,000 for BTC, could be the new 12,000”

With Grayscale winning the SEC case, an important assessment came from Mike McGlone about the increasing Bitcoin price.

1930s comparison for Bitcoin price by McGlone

Bloomberg chief commodity analyst Mike McGlone made an interesting comparison from his Twitter account.

McGlone believes Bitcoin’s volatile days are over

Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone evaluated the volatility relationship of Bitcoin and gold in his latest posts.

Bitcoin Comment from Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone

According to Bloomberg's senior analyst Mike McGlone, Bitcoin has more risk than it did in the first quarter of 2021.

McGlone: “Bitcoin Is Too Risky at $30,000”

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Macro Strategist Mike McGlone made statements about his outlook in Bitcoin.

McGlone: “Bitcoin May Face a First”

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone says that very important days have begun in BTC.

BTC and Gold Comment from McGlone

Bloomberg senior analyst Mike McGlone evaluated Bitcoin and gold in his statement on Twitter.

McGlone Optimistic For BTC!

Bloomberg senior strategist Mike McGlone said he is optimistic about the rise of flagship Bitcoin.

McGlone Evaluates Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bloomberg commodity analyst Mike McGlone shared his thoughts on Bitcoin and Ethereum price in his latest statement.

McGlone Evaluates FED’s Moves and Bitcoin

Mike McGlone, a senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, evaluated Bitcoin on Twitter.

“BTC Has Never Been So Secure Since The Satoshi Era”

Mike McGlone shared his latest view on the cryptocurrency industry.

McGlone: “May Be Indicative of a New Super Cycle”

Mike McGlone, says Bitcoin outperforming gold could be indicative of a new super cycle for BTC.

McGlone Predicts Bitcoin Price

Bloomberg Intelligence Macro Strategist Mike McGlone mentioned that amid the banking crisis, Bitcoin could move forward to trade like US Treasury bonds and gold.

McGlone: “May Seek Sell Positions in Crypto Assets in March”

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone shared his views on the latest situation of Bitcoin in his post on Twitter.

“Tactical Shorts” Alert for BTC from McGlone

Mike McGlone warned that Bitcoin's recent rebound towards resistance around $25,000 could favor "tactical shorts".