Is Michael Saylor Heading To Bitcoin Ordinals?

MicroStrategy Co-Founder Michael Saylor stated that the company is researching Bitcoin Ordinals and evaluating its potential.

MicroStrategy Announces Balance Sheet: Progress Continues

Known for its massive Bitcoin investments, MicroStrategy posted a profit in the first quarter.

MicroStrategy Announces New Bitcoin Purchase

New Bitcoin purchase from MicroStrategy! Michael Saylor announced his latest BTC purchases.

MicroStrategy Announces Bitcoin Balance Sheet

MicroStrategy explained how much it lost from Bitcoin. On the other hand, Jack Dorsey's Block generated $1.76 Billion in Bitcoin revenue in the third quarter.

Saylor: BTC Is This Country’s Only Salvation

Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of the board of MicroStrategy, which draws attention with its Bitcoin investments, made important statements about Bitcoin on Twitter. He stated that the only hope of Nigeria, which is in an economically difficult situation, is in Bitcoin.