Shiba Inu Listed on Another Major Exchange

Shiba Inu is starting to be listed on another cryptocurrency exchange that has an important place in the Japanese market.

Coinbase Lists This Altcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will list the Blur (BLUR) altcoin on its exchange.

TeraExchange Lists SHIB

Centralized crypto exchange TeraExchange announced that it has listed the famous meme token SHIB.

The Effect of “Binance Listing” on Prices Examined

A new analysis published on Medium revealed how the news of listing on Binance has had an impact on cryptocurrencies.

GMX Altcoin Trades Opened on OKX

The long-awaited listing news for this altcoin came from the cryptocurrency exchange OKX.

XRP Listed On Another Cryptocurrency Exchange

Good news for Ripple (XRP) investors. Another exchange listed XRP.

Bitmex’s BMEX Token Opens to Trading

Bitmex exchange, which has attracted attention with its spot trading steps recently, opens its local token BMEX, which it announced last year, on Friday.