Lido Finance Selected Cosmos and Axelar

Ethereum staking platform Lido Finance has chosen Neutron and Axelar to launch wstETH on Cosmos.

Brevan Howard begins selling Lido DAO

According to the information provided by Spot On-Chain, Brevan Howard Digital started selling on Lido DAO (LDO).

There will be token unlocks this week on the AVAX, LDO and YGG side

Three tokens are scheduled to be unlocked next week: LDO, AVAX and YGG

Whales Turn To These 4 Altcoins

BTC made a green start to the week. This situation also mobilized the whales. Whales have been seen buying LDO, FTM, BCH and KLAY in the last 24 hours.

Lido Finance V2 Update Coming Soon

The V2 upgrade of Ethereum staking solution Lido Finance will officially take place in the coming days.

MakerDAO Founder Sold LDO Bought MKR

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Kek has made a new MKR acquisition.

Whales Collect SHIB and GRT Outside of Stablecoin

According to WhaleStats, whales bought these altcoins other than stablecoins during the week when Bitcoin and Ethereum fell.
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Analyst Shares Analysis of FET, LDO, ETH

The crypto analyst, who is closely followed in the crypto money market, expects a rise in an artificial intelligence-focused altcoin.
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Expected Ethereum Update Benefited LDO

The expectation that Ethereum's upgrade in March would resolve the existing risks in staking ETH benefited liquid staking platform Lido DAO.

New Altcoin Listing News from Coinbase

Coinbase has added a new cryptocurrency to its roadmap. The major cryptocurrency exchange has announced a new altcoin listing.