Miners Sent 54 Thousand BTC to Binance

The CEO of CryptoQuant announced that in the last 3 weeks, miners have transferred 54 thousand BTC to Binance.

Ju: “Someone(s) is Just Buying $BTC a Lot”

Ki Young Ju, CEO claimed that the sharp rise in Bitcoin last night was the result of a serious purchase.

Can BTC Rally Bigger? What Does the Analyst Say?

Ki Young Ju thinks Bitcoin bulls have the strength for further bullishness.

CryptoQuant CEO Shares Important BTC Data

Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, shared some important on-chain data on his official Twitter account.

Ju: “Bitcoin Entered Into The Early Bull Phase”

Ki Young Ju, CEO of analytics firm CryptoQuant, thinks that Bitcoin may be in the first phase of the bull season.

“Market Sentiment Rebound Around Crypto Market”

Major crypto investors are returning to Bitcoin and the crypto market.

BTCs Standing Still for Years Take Action

Whales have displaced hundreds of Bitcoins that have been dormant for 11 years.