India’s stance on crypto will be clear soon

An official in India told the G-20 that they will clarify their perspective on crypto based on the results of the dossier they submitted.

Indian PM: “The impact of cryptocurrencies will be global”

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the G20 summit that this field will have a global impact and therefore should be regulated through global work.

Global crypto rules proposal from India to G-20 countries

Global crypto rules advice came from India, which is known for its harsh regulations on cryptocurrencies.

Indian Finance Minister: “We Are Not Against Blockchain”

Finance minister in India, stated that they are not against blockchain technology, but cryptocurrencies should definitely be followed.

SHIB Becomes Most Traded Cryptocurrency in India

According to data from India, Shiba has become the most traded cryptocurrency, surpassing BTC.

Move to Illegal Crypto Transactions from India

In line with the statements it has made, India has taken crypto transactions for money laundering on its radar.

MetaMask Establishes Partnership for Indian Users

MetaMask, the popular decentralized wallet application in the cryptocurrency industry, has formed a new partnership to put its customers residing in India at ease.

India’s Retail Giant to Adopt Digital Rupees

India's largest retail chain Reliance Retail will accept digital rupee payments in an effort to increase adoption of CBDCs.
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Published Data for 2022!

India-based crypto exchange WazirX has announced its figures for 2022. The data offered important insights into Indian cryptocurrency investors.

India in Test Phase for Digital Currency

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also announced that as of November 1, the pilot program for the central bank digital currency has begun.