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Analyst: Cardano Broke Historic Milestone

Dan Gambardello said that Cardano is better positioned than Ethereum after Cardano surpassed the 4 million wallet milestone.

Ethereum Easter Prediction from Artificial Intelligence

According to artificial intelligence, Ethereum (ETH) may have a bull rally in the coming weeks, according to recent on-chain data.

Pal: “ETH Could Experience a Rally to Overtake BTC”

According to Raoul Pal, Ethereum (ETH) could exponentially surpass Bitcoin (BTC) in the next cycle.

Analyst Expects Big Rise For These 2 Altcoins

Popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed that he expects a massive rally in an altcoin alongside Ethereum.
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Mynt Music Brings NFTs to Hedera

Prominent NFT app switches from Ethereum to Hedera.

Token Burn on Ethereum Blockchain Accelerates

While the crypto markets have seen a rapid return this week, the demand for Ethereum continues to increase in the same direction.

“Bull” Comment from Popular Analyst for BTC and ETH

The recent rapid recovery in the cryptocurrency market is leading to new bullish assessments for Bitcoin and Ethereum prices.
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Binance Will Purchase $1 Billion From These Coins

Zhao said that he will convert the remaining BUSD funds in the Industry Recovery Initiative to Bitcoin, BNB and Ethereum.

Santiment Announces: Interest in Bitcoin Increases

Santiment has released a new report that will interest those who stake Ethereum as cryptocurrency interest shifts to Bitcoin.

Buterin Sold All Altcoins In His Portfolio

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has sold all of the little-known altcoins in his portfolio.

Reduction Rate of Ethereum Supply at the Summit of 2023

According to over -chain data, the decrease in Ethereum supply reached the highest level of 2023.

Ethereum’s Shanghai Update Postponed

Ethereum developers reported that the Shanghai update, which will enable the withdrawal of ETHs locked in the network, has been postponed to April.

Buterin Self-Criticizes the Ethereum Project

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his frustrations with the Ethereum project.

Ethereum Foundation Announces “Devcon 7” Event

The Ethereum Foundation has announced that the seventh "Devcon 7" event will be held in South Asia in 2024.

The Least Exit in Fund Outflows is in Ethereum!

In the report, prepared according to data published by Coinshares, it was stated that macroeconomic data that exceeded expectations affected the crypto sentiment.

ETH Wallet, No Sales for 9 Years, Profited 5300x

The mysterious Ether wallet has not made any sales in 9 years, making a profit of 5300 times.
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Burniske: “Calls For New Lows Anytime Soon Are Silly”

Chris Burniske, said he believes crypto is looking strong despite the recent market-wide pullback.
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Justin Sun Stakes Millions of ETH on Lido Finance

Ahead of the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, Justin Sun invested millions of dollars in ETH in Lido.