IMF Makes CBDC Recommendations to Jordan Central Bank

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) made recommendations for the CBDC work of the Central Bank of Jordan.

CBDC Plan From UAE

CBUAE plans to launch a central bank digital currency for cross-border and domestic use as part of the first of its FIT program.

China Distributes Millions of Digital Yuan

Millions of e-CNY were distributed at events by China's many city governments to increase adoption.

Kazakhstan Continues Its Digital Currency Steps

According to the published report, Kazakhstan has entered the pilot period for the digital currency.

Digital RMB Usage Increases in China

The use of the digital RMB in China became even more common during the Spring Festival.

Hong Kong-based Company Introduces New System for CBDCs

The Chinese company has introduced its SWIFT-like system for stablecoins and CBDCs.

Digital Currency Move from South Korea Central Bank

The Central Bank of South Korea has made significant headway in this area by developing a major program of CBDCs to facilitate cross-border payments.

FED New York Completes First CBDC Test

The New York branch of the Fed has completed the first test of the digital currency. Here are the results...

Three Countries Will Test DeFi in Foreign Exchange Transactions

The central banks of Switzerland, France and Singapore; plans to automate digital currency transfers using decentralized protocols to reduce international payment costs

India in Test Phase for Digital Currency

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also announced that as of November 1, the pilot program for the central bank digital currency has begun.