Analyst predicts a relief rally for ETH price

Many analysts think that the price will decline slightly with a double top formation forming on the chart as a result of a price rejection around $1,737.
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Celo and Opera Collaborate in Nigeria

This altcoin announced that it has partnered with the popular browser Opera to introduce the MiniPay stablecoin wallet.

Armstrong: “We Are Developing a New System Instead of Stablecoins”

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared his views on the future of crypto money and stablecoins in an interview.

Avalanche Popularity Rising

Reflecting Avalanche's popularity, its social metric rose more than 100% in the past week.

‘This event could be a turning point for the market’

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen spoke about the hacking of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Curve Finance.

‘Bull’ claim from analyst for DeFi

DeFi analyst Taiki Maeda claimed that the decentralized finance industry is on the verge of a new bull market.

Italian Central Bank to cooperate with Polygon and Fireblocks

The Bank of Italy announced that it will cooperate with Polygon and Fireblocks in the field of DeFi.
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Sui Network Announces DeepBook

The decentralized central limit order book will support applications built on the network and allow traders to set a price for assets.

dYdX moves to Cosmos infrastructure with v4

Decentralized crypto exchange dYdX has launched its public testnet with the innovative features of v4 and the participation of more validators.

Tether Signs Cooperation Agreement with Georgia

Tether signed a memorandum of understanding with the Georgian government on blockchain and peer-to-peer infrastructure development.

Chalom: “It Will Be Slower Than People Expect”

Cryptocurrency and DeFi reviews from BlackRock executive.

Notable Transactions from Justin Sun

The moves of Justin Sun, one of the well-known names in the crypto money world, caught the attention of users.

Maverick Protocol Continues To Attract Investments

The protocol, which is a candidate to be the new favorite of DeFi, continues to attract investment.

Sberbank Starting Crypto Trading

Sberbank, Russia's largest bank, announced this month that it will begin offering crypto trading services.

DeFi Transaction Volume Increases After SEC Pressure

Total daily trading volumes on decentralized exchanges have increased by nearly $800 million in the last two days.

ARB Rises After Acquisition of a Popular Whale

ARB price surged in double digits as a popular DeFi whale address continued to buy the management token.

Allaire: Digital Dollars Are Critical

The Circle CEO says the future of the dollar is at stake in the next decades. The US can maintain its strong position on a global scale if it accepts stablecoins as an opportunity.

Cardano DeFi Ecosystem Grows Despite Market Drop

The Cardano DeFi ecosystem is growing despite the market downturn. TVL has crossed the threshold of 400 Million ADA Coins and reached ATH.