Ambitious statement from Ripple CTO Schwartz

Ripple CTO David Schwartz thinks XRP can be used as a global reserve currency and an alternative to the US dollar.

Airdrop Alert From Schwartz

A warning came to XRP investors from Ripple CTO David Schwartz.

Response to “10 billion XRP Buyback” Rumor from Schwartz

For a few days, rumors had been circulating among XRP investors that the Ripple company would repurchase 10 billion XRP.

Schwartz Speaks About Urban Legends About Ripple

Ripple CTO David Schwartz addressed the misunderstandings about XRP in his post on Twitter.

Schwartz Criticizes SEC

Ripple CTO is calling for clarifying cryptocurrency regulations.

“Search Engine” Analogy for Cryptocurrencies by Schwartz

Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz made remarkable statements about XRP and the crypto ecosystem.

Ripple CTO Thinks Bitcoin Should Switch To PoS

David Schwartz stated that he hopes that the token that will continue to live on the PoW mechanism will not be Bitcoin.

Ripple CTO Asked Likely to Apple or Microsoft

The first move towards the employees of FTX, who are experiencing liquidity problems, and who are expected to be unemployed, came from the Ripple community.