The Last Crypto Project That Buterin Invested in Revealed

It has been shared with the public that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has invested in a new cryptocurrency project.

Top 10 Rising Tokens in May

The global crypto industry experienced a significant spike in April, lasting about ten days, but has been going through a period of consolidation since the beginning of May.

Burniske: “Cryptocurrencies Will Go In The Opposite Direction”

Chris Burniske believes AI and crypto will grow together. According to the analyst, those who expect excessive decline are wrong.

“Next Bull Could Be Different With New Crypto Technologies”

Changpeng Zhao shared his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Huobi Steps into Hong Kong, the Crypto Center

Huobi also stepped into Hong Kong after OKX and exchanges. The company has also started its services to corporate and retail customers.

Zhao: “Interesting Timing”

Changpeng Zhao made a new post on his Twitter account

Hong Kong Adopts Crypto for Individual Investors

In Hong Kong, the Securities and Futures Commission completed its study, which began in February, measuring the participation of individual investors in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Comment from Dogecoin Co-Founder

Billy Markus warned crypto investors. Markus said to be careful about emotional attachment to purchased cryptocurrencies.

Binance Founder CZ Continues to Advise

The statements of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao are closely followed by crypto investors.

“Bankruptcies Changed Market Dynamics”

Santiment, published its new research on its official Twitter account.

New XRP Insight from Analyst

Crypto analyst Bitboy argued that investors who want to become XRP millionaires should hold at least 150,000 XRP.

Bermuda, The New Address of Crypto Firms?

The tightening of regulations in the US and the licensing of Coinbase last month has made Bermuda the new address for crypto companies.
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Pal Likened Current Market Movement To Cycle 15-16

Former Goldman Sachs executive expects a rapid rise in 6 months. Pal said that institutional capital will flow into cryptocurrencies.
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Cryptocurrencies on PayPal’s Balance Sheet Rises $1 Billion

PayPal disclosed in its filing with the SEC that it has approximately $1 billion in cryptocurrencies on its balance sheet.

Buffet is on Sale! How Will BTC Be Affected If Stocks Drop?

United States-based investment giant Berkshire Hathaway announced its quarterly balance sheet.

Whalen: “The Crisis Will Continue”

Famous analyst and writer Christopher Whalen expects the banking crisis to continue due to the Fed's policy. More bank bankruptcies are predicted to continue the rise in Bitcoin.

Han: “Institutional Interest in Crypto is Maturing”

Elliot Han, director of Cantor Fitzgerald, said that institutional investors' interest in cryptocurrencies is in its maturation stage.

Indian Finance Minister: “We Are Not Against Blockchain”

Finance minister in India, stated that they are not against blockchain technology, but cryptocurrencies should definitely be followed.