Burniske: “Cryptocurrencies Will Go In The Opposite Direction”

Chris Burniske believes AI and crypto will grow together. According to the analyst, those who expect excessive decline are wrong.

Analyst: “ETH Will Be $ 10 Thousand”

Crypto analyst Chris Burniske claimed that the Ethereum (ETH) price could reach $10,000 in a few years.

Chris Burniske: “Bitcoin Is An Alternative To The Current System.”

Chris Burniske talked about the pressure of the US government on the cryptocurrency market in his latest interview
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Burniske: “Calls For New Lows Anytime Soon Are Silly”

Chris Burniske, said he believes crypto is looking strong despite the recent market-wide pullback.

Former Ark Invest Analyst Updates Ethereum Forecast

Chris Burniske stated that while maintaining his long-term target in ETH, a correction may come in the short term.
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Burniske: “SOL/ETH Important Indicator For Me”

Chris Burniske said that the Solana /Ethereum trading pair has become a key indicator of crypto risk appetite for him.