IMF Makes CBDC Recommendations to Jordan Central Bank

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) made recommendations for the CBDC work of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Japan Makes CBDC Move with Digital Yen

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) announced that it will launch a pilot program in April to test the use of the digital yen.

CBDC Plan From UAE

CBUAE plans to launch a central bank digital currency for cross-border and domestic use as part of the first of its FIT program.

China Distributes Millions of Digital Yuan

Millions of e-CNY were distributed at events by China's many city governments to increase adoption.

Kazakhstan Continues Its Digital Currency Steps

According to the published report, Kazakhstan has entered the pilot period for the digital currency.

India’s Retail Giant to Adopt Digital Rupees

India's largest retail chain Reliance Retail will accept digital rupee payments in an effort to increase adoption of CBDCs.

Increasing Shopping Opportunity Using Digital Yuan

More than 300,000 outlets in Changsha, the capital of China's Hunan province, accept digital yuan.

Nigeria Accelerates Digital Asset Transition

The Central Bank of Nigeria is imposing limits on ATM withdrawals in an effort to accelerate the transition to digital assets.

Visa CEO: “Stablecoins and CBDCs Can Make Sense”

Visa CEO Al Kelly, who is preparing to step down, made the remarks at the company's annual shareholders meeting.

Hong Kong-based Company Introduces New System for CBDCs

The Chinese company has introduced its SWIFT-like system for stablecoins and CBDCs.

East African Country in Fully-Fued Research for CBDC

The Bank of Tanzania awaits the completion of research into the technology before a decision is made on CBDC adoption.

UK May Launch Digital Pound

UK Economics secretary Andrew Griffith confirmed in a recent statement that a digital version of the national currency, the pound, may be launched in the near future.

Russia Accelerates Work for Digital Ruble

Russia's plans to continue with the digital ruble from now on are expected to take place in the first quarter of 2023.

Another Country Prepares to Adopt Cryptocurrencies

After El Salvador, another country is preparing to recognize Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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Brazil’s Digital Real to Integrate with DeFi

Will Brazil be able to make its CBDC launch to 2024?

Kazakhstan Sets Date for “Digital Tenge”

Kazakhstan has agreed to launch its own central bank digital currency digital tenge.