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“Instability in the Banking System Threatens Stablecoins and DeFi”

Bitcoin supporter Cathie Wood argued that despite the banking crisis in the USA, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are standing strong.
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Cathie Wood: Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Right Way

Cathie Wood has announced that she will continue investing in crypto while praising Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as decentralized blockchains that give confidence to the industry.

Ark Invest Continues Buying Coinbase Shares! What Does This Mean?

Bitcoin-supporting investment firm continues to buy. Is the ascension imminent?

Wood: “DeFi Is Stronger Now”

Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management, shared his views on the effects of the FTX crisis.

Wood: “Bitcoin Will Be $1 Million This Date”

According to Cathie Wood, Bitcoin, which has had a hard time, will reach a value of $ 1 million by this date.

Ark Invest CEO Insists on $1 Million Forecast

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood said she expects a 4,600% increase in the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.