Armstrong Approaches Banking Problems with a Solution Focus

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong expressed his ideas for improving the problems experienced with banks.

Coinbase CEO Won’t Take a Kraken-like Attitude

After the SEC shut down the yield program of Kraken, named Earn, for alleged securities, the eyes were turned to Coinbase, which has a similar program.

Hoskinson: “Ethereum Staking Is Problematic”

According to Cardano CEO Hoskinson, the absolute inaccessibility of ETHs locked in staking smart contracts makes them look like regulated products.
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These Altcoins Rise After Armstrong’s Sharing

Liquid staking altcoins are on the rise after Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong rumors that the SEC wants to ban retail investors from staking cryptocurrencies.

Armstrong: “Coinbase Will Survive”

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sent a note to staff, reassuring them that their company will survive.

“Regulations Will Be Positive For The Cryptocurrency Industry”

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made statements about the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

Armstrong: BTC Hasn’t Recognized “Digital Gold” Yet

While Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made an important Bitcoin (BTC) prediction, he made notable statements about the leading cryptocurrency.