“The Increasing Number of Altcoins Has a Negative Effect”

Mike McGlone, one of Bloomberg's experienced analysts, discussed the situation of Bitcoin in his latest post.

Clean energy use in Bitcoin mining exceeded 50%

A Bloomberg analyst reported on the current situation for Bitcoin (BTC) miners regarding clean energy use.

1930s comparison for Bitcoin price by McGlone

Bloomberg chief commodity analyst Mike McGlone made an interesting comparison from his Twitter account.

Novogratz: “If I had $100,000, I would buy these”

Novogratz talked about what would happen if young and risk-tolerant users, who currently have $100,000, were in their place.

McGlone: “Bitcoin Is Too Risky at $30,000”

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Macro Strategist Mike McGlone made statements about his outlook in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is One of the Top 3 Preferred Investment Tools

Bloomberg, which conducted a survey of Bitcoin's price prediction, revealed that the price of the largest cryptocurrency is more likely to rise towards the $35,000 level.

McGlone Optimistic For BTC!

Bloomberg senior strategist Mike McGlone said he is optimistic about the rise of flagship Bitcoin.

We’re Seeing Signs of a Spring for Bitcoin

The famous CEO said that there are strong signs that the crypto winter is over.

McGlone: “May Seek Sell Positions in Crypto Assets in March”

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone shared his views on the latest situation of Bitcoin in his post on Twitter.

“Tactical Shorts” Alert for BTC from McGlone

Mike McGlone warned that Bitcoin's recent rebound towards resistance around $25,000 could favor "tactical shorts".

McGlone Recommends Buy and Hold Strategy

Mike McGlone shared a remarkable analysis on Bitcoin. Bloomberg analyst saw the possibility of an upside move as low.

Bukele Reacts Strongly to Bloomberg’s Bitcoin News

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele reacted to Bloomberg's Bitcoin news, stating that the news was full of lies.

Striking Analysis from Bloomberg Analysts

As Bitcoin enters a new era of turbulence, Bloomberg analysts have released a stunning analysis of the price of BTC.