New Service From Layer 1 Blockchain Network Vega Protocol

Vega Protocol, a Layer 1 Blockchain network focused on derivatives trading, has announced the launch of its new service.
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Solana Intends to Revolutionize Web3 with Saga

Solana Labs has announced the launch of its Android operating system-based Web3 smartphone, which it has high hopes for.

Indian Finance Minister: “We Are Not Against Blockchain”

Finance minister in India, stated that they are not against blockchain technology, but cryptocurrencies should definitely be followed.

Nigeria Passes National Blockchain Law

The Nigerian government has approved the National Blockchain Policy,
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Daily Unique Address Number of EVM Compatible Blockchains Reached a Record

The high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain led users to other EVM compatible blockchains at a record level.
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NFT Sales Rise on Non-Ethereum Blockchain Networks

Interestingly, there has been an increase in the sale of NFTs on Blockchain networks other than Ethereum.

RippleNet Exceeds 20 Million Transactions Limit

RippleNet service of the US-based financial technology startup has passed an important milestone.

Helium Moves to Solana

Crypto connection project Helium has launched its transition to the Solana blockchain.
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Wall Street Will Test Avalanche’s Spurce

Wall Street will test the new product Avalanche announced last week.
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Remarkable Growth at Polygon: 2nd Place!

Increased user activity on Ethereum L2 Polygon in March saw the network become the second largest blockchain gaming network in terms of UAWs.

Coinbase Conducts Smart Contract Test with ChatGPT

Coinbase conducted tests on smart contracts with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence platform developed by OpenAI.

Investment Statement from Stablecoin Issuer ECSA

ECSA has announced that it has received a $3 billion investment to bring major transport currencies to the Blockchain network.

Pakistani Banks Step into Blockchain

With their announcement, Pakistani banks announced that they are stepping into the blockchain-based eKYC platform.

Goldman Sachs Views Blockchain Positively

Goldman Sachs stated that they continue to have a positive outlook on Blockchain technology.

The Least Exit in Fund Outflows is in Ethereum!

In the report, prepared according to data published by Coinshares, it was stated that macroeconomic data that exceeded expectations affected the crypto sentiment.

China Telecom Collaborated with Conflux Network

Banning Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency transactions and mining, China continues to thrive in the blockchain space.

Chiliz Rolls Out Layer 1 Blockchain

Chiliz has validated the genesis block of its new layer 1 blockchain, according to a blog post.