“Individual Investor Demand May Increase Rapidly Before Halving”

JPMorgan draws attention to individual demand for the pre-halving period in Bitcoin.

“BTC Price Might Even Explode in June”

Analyst Willy Woo explained the critical signal that could trigger a Bitcoin rally in June.

BTC Accumulated Intensely At These Levels

In the midst of its bearish outlook, Bitcoin displayed a very marked level of accumulation based on evidence from on-chain data.

Analyst Claims Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency analyst Morgan Bennett talked about the flippening that defined Ethereum's overtaking of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs Increase

The number of crypto ATMs around the world continues to increase.

Bitcoin Warning from Citigroup

Citi Research stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum could be negatively affected due to the US's next economic moves.

When is the Real Bull in Bitcoin?

Arthur Hayes shared his thoughts on Bitcoin.
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Krüger Expects Rise By Year’s End

Alex Krüger expects the rise in the crypto money markets to continue until the end of the year.
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“Bitcoin Ordinals Must Switch To Cardano”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson thinks Bitcoin Ordinals should switch to Cardona.

Messari Founder Signals Long for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ryan Selkis invited investors to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), pointing to US monetary policies.

Tether to Launch Bitcoin Mining in Uruguay

Tether has announced that it wants to mine Bitcoin (BTC) using sustainable energy in the South American country.
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Ethereum NFTs Can Be Moved To Bitcoin

Bitcoin NFT marketplace Ordinals Market has announced the BRC-721E standard that allows users to port their ERC-721 NFT to Ordinals.

Analyst: “Moon Time” for Bitcoin

The popular analyst points out the strong signal, calling it “moon time” for Bitcoin.

What Does the SOPR Metric Tell Us?

In this Bitcoin metric, looking at historical events, it is observed that BTC may seize an opportunity for an upward rally at the moment.

Analyst: 2-Year Actual Price is $29,500

Experienced analyst PlanB expects the 2-year price level to be passed for permanent rise in BTC.

Arthur Hayes Predicts Bitcoin Bullish

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes pointed to the year 2024, when the halving for the Bitcoin rally will also take place.

Bitcoin Accumulates! Altcoins Remain Uncertain

Bitcoin (BTC) exhibits sideways movements.
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Analyst: “Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Price Will Go Here”

Senior analyst expects LTC Coin price to rise above $110. Drops are expected soon for BTC and ETH.