Analyst Draws Attention to Possible Scenarios in Bitcoin

Evaluating the current situation in the crypto money market, the analyst warned investors and drew attention to possible scenarios for BTC.

“Macro Rise in Crypto in About 6 Months”

Cryptocurrency analysts Cred and Benjamin Cowen talked about their predictions about the leading crypto BTC.

Analyst: These Must Happen for BTC’s Uptrend

Based on an important indicator, the analyst claims that Bitcoin still has a lot to prove, even after a strong rally.

Cowen: “Bitcoin Still Best Choice”

Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen said that despite a week of rising altcoin prices, Bitcoin is still the top choice for cryptocurrency market participants.

Analyst: “Time of Reckoning for Altcoins”

Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen noted that the Bitcoin dominance chart (BTC.D) is still low, indicating that an altcoin showdown is imminent.

Ethereum Prediction from Cryptocurrency Analyst

Cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen said in his post on YouTube that he expects a 65 percent drop for Ethereum.

Ethereum Warning to Investors From Cowen

Analyst Benjamin Cowen has warned investors that Ethereum will return to pre-bull run price levels.