Dune Releases New Ethereum Report

Dune has published its new report containing important information about Ethereum layer-2 solutions.

Arbitrum To Unlock $1.2 Billion ARB

According to Token Unlocks data, Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum will release $1 billion worth of ARB tokens in March next year.

The fierce competition between Arbitrum and Optimisim

Arbitrum (ARB) has experienced a significant amount of NFT activity on its platform since its launch.

Optimism Passes Arbitrum: Worldcoin Effect

The launch of Worldcoin enabled Optimism to surpass Arbitrum.

Increasing Demand for ARB

According to a successful data provider Look On-Chain, whales sell ETH and buy Arbitrum (ARB).

The Graph Moves To Arbitrum

The Graph, a leading indexing and querying protocol for organizing blockchain data, is in the final stages of its transition to Arbitrum.

ARB Rises After Acquisition of a Popular Whale

ARB price surged in double digits as a popular DeFi whale address continued to buy the management token.

Jimbos Protocol Trying to Revive

Arbitrum-based protocol tries to recover from million dollar attack.

Chainlink VRF Is Live On Arbitrum One

A new collaboration between Chainlink and Arbitrum has been announced. Chainlink VRF started to be implemented in Arbitrum One.

A New ARB Frenzy is Starting?

According to a successful data provider Look On-Chain, whales have started to buy ARBs again in the last 2 days.

Arbitrum Is Back On the Whales Radar

Crypto analytics platform Lookonchain shared critical data on behalf of the popular altcoin, pointing to a possible bullish signal.

Arbitrum Overtakes Bitcoin in Transaction Commission Metric

Leading Ethereum layer-2 project ARB has gained attention, surpassing Bitcoin in its daily transaction count.

Analyst: “This Altcoin Group Performs Better in New Rally”

Cryptocurrency analyst said that new altcoins are outperforming in this bull and this trend may continue.
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Analyst Shares Short-Term Targets for BTC, ETH and ARB

Popular analyst Andrew Kang shared his targets for BTC, ETH and ARB.

Whales Take Action For 3 Altcoins

Cryptocurrency markets are seeing increases in the trading activity of large investors on some altcoins.

Amber Group Transferred ARB Tokens to Exchanges

Crypto analysis platform Lookonchain evaluated the latest situation in Arbitrum and warned crypto money investors.

Arbitrum & Optimism Competition Heats Up

The rivalry between Arbitrum and Optimism, one of the most popular Ethereum layer-2 solutions, is getting hotter day by day.

Arbitrum (ARB) Announcement from Binance

Binance exchange recently announced that it will list its own token and ARB token, announcing its airdrop.