Analyst Draws Attention to Two Levels in BTC Price

Rekt Capital made a fresh assessment of Bitcoin's price action, stating that the digital asset continues to face resistance above $28,700.

Analyst Commented! What’s Next for Bitcoin?

The popular cryptocurrency analyst thinks that after a short consolidation, the price of Bitcoin can continue its incredible rally.

Analyst Points A Macro Uptrend For BTC

Economist Alex Krüger has argued that a more perfect price move of Bitcoin cannot be imagined.

“Macro Rise in Crypto in About 6 Months”

Cryptocurrency analysts Cred and Benjamin Cowen talked about their predictions about the leading crypto BTC.

Analyst: “Crypto Enduring a Stress Test”

Michael van de Poppe evaluated the latest developments in the crypto market.

Will Bitcoin Price Reach ATH in 2023?

Popular crypto analyst Credible Crypto predicts that Bitcoin price may see another ATH in 2023, not after 2023.

Analyst Marks Key Levels for DOGE

Cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez marked those levels by stating that Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently moving in the middle of key support and resistance levels.

Analyst: “I’m Waiting For BTC To Rise Again”

Cryptocurrency analyst, using the nickname DonAlt, said that he bought back the Bitcoins he sold.

Analyst Shares Favorite Altcoin List

The popular crypto analyst listed the altcoins that he expects to increase in value by making a big break.

Will Solana (SOL) Be Able to Survive?

Coinbase, who examined the developments in Solana, said that the Solana network was not immune to the difficulties of crypto winter in 2022.
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Analyst Expects Breakout for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink

Cryptocurrency analyst BTC, ETH and another smart contract protocol Chainlink are probably geared up for the rally.

Analyst Speaks About Parabolic BTC Rally

The market analyst, known by the nickname Dave the Wave, made important predictions about the BTC rally.

Analyst: These 3 Altcoins are Hidden Gems!

In a recent YouTube video by Altcoin Buzz, altcoin enthusiast Maddie shared her top three small altcoin picks that she believes have huge potential for growth.

Analyst Mentions Critical Levels for BTC and ETH

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Altcoin Sherpa shared critical level predictions for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Analyst: “Bitcoin Dip Soon To Get Deeper?”

Cryptocurrency analyst Rekt has warned that the rise in Bitcoin may be in the process of creating a reversal pattern.

FET, FTM and GRT Analysis by Poppe

The popular cryptocurrency analyst shared his expectations from AI coins that have been trending since January.

Analyst: “BTC Price Won’t Drop To $10,000 But…”

According to the analyst, those who take positions waiting for BTC to collapse to $ 10,000 will be harmful.

Analyst: “Bullish Divergence. History Repeating Itselt.”

Stockmoney Lizards, which conveys a critical graphic about Bitcoin, has divided the investors into 2.