BTC Accumulated Intensely At These Levels

In the midst of its bearish outlook, Bitcoin displayed a very marked level of accumulation based on evidence from on-chain data.

Bitcoin Accumulates! Altcoins Remain Uncertain

Bitcoin (BTC) exhibits sideways movements.

“Render’s Whale Transactions Rise to 3rd High of the Month”

Cryptocurrency analysis firm points out an Ethereum (ETH)-based altcoin with a high increase in whale transactions.

Analyst: “These Two Levels Are Very Critical”

Rekt Capital, one of the well-known analysts of the crypto money world, evaluated Bitcoin in its statement on Twitter.

Is Altcoin Season Imminent?

While Bitcoin dominates the crypto markets, investors' attention is also on the altcoin market movements.

“Perhaps One More Shake Out Break, Then Thrust Higher”

Veteran analyst Peter Brandt shared his new prediction about Bitcoin.

Analyst: BTC Will Rise To This Level By This Date

Coosh Alemzadeh, a crypto entrepreneur and analyst, shared a new analysis on his Twitter account.

Analyst’s BTC Forecast for June

In May, crypto's tough bear market conditions became evident again, with popular crypto analyst Justin Bennett pointing to further declines.
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Meme Coin Alert From Analyst

Cryptocurrency analyst Altcoin Sherpa has warned of a collapse for memecoins like PEPE.

“Rally to $30,000 From There”

Michael Van De Poppe, describes the recent declines as a "correction" trend.

Analyst: “It May Signal That Altcoins Will Perform Better”

Matrixport analyst Markus Thielen evaluated Bitcoin's dominance chart in his statement.

Will the Rise in Bitcoin Continue?

A lot of on-chain data shows that Bitcoin is out of the bear market and we are in the early stage of the bull.

Analyst Shares DOGE and HBAR Forecast

Bitcoin is struggling, but the popular analyst is waiting for 2 altcoins.
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Analyst Expects Big Increase in Polygon Price

Crypto analyst Ali believes Polygon could see a big price move soon and says MATIC could go towards $1.19 to $1.29.

“BTC May Ceiling With $45,000 In May”

According to the analyst, the BTC price may reach around $ 45 thousand in May.

Analyst Reveals Possible Scenario for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Cryptocurrency analyst talked about the potential scenario in Bitcoin and altcoins by presenting multiple proofs.

“Bitcoin Hodl Ratio Shows Cycle Shifting to Bull Market”

On-chain analysis revealed a sentiment shift that suggests a cycle inflection point may occur for BTC holders.

Analysis: “We Believe Bitcoin Is Permanent”

According to Bernstein analysts, any future crisis could be very important for Bitcoin (BTC).