Major Change to Celo

The Celo dev team presented a new transition that has been shown to be very important for the altcoin for community feedback.

Mixed Signals in Pepe Trading Volume

The 15% drop in Pepecoin led to speculation.

The Rise of PEPE Coin Continues

The latest craze in joke-themed cryptocurrencies continues with the PEPE coin.

Bitcoin-Altcoin Index Drops To 2 Points

According to Blockchain Center, the Bitcoin-Altcoin index dropped to 2 points, one of the lowest levels in history.

Altcoin EOS Wants To Go Back To Its Old Days

Altcoin EOS, which has shown significant rises in the past and made its investors smile and reached billions of dollars, aims to make a new attack.

Aptos Rises After Fed Rate Decision

Aptos (APT) reached $18.26 with a strong rise of 19.25 percent after the Fed rate decision.

Toyota Chose This Altcoin Project

Toyota will use Primer, the technology developed from the hackathon, to improve work efficiency.

Giant Whale Accumulating dYdX on Binance for 4 Months

According to on-chain data, a giant cryptocurrency whale has been making large purchases on Binance since October.

Santiment: “It Has Enduring Potential”

Santiment evaluated the AAVE, which rose by approximately 34% in 2023 in its latest assessment.

Burning News from Woo Network (WOO)

Big token burning announcement came from Woo Network (WOO), there was a jump in price with the burning news.

Another Good News for BENQI (QI) Investors

BENQI (QI), which is also listed on Binance, has been on the rise after the Coinbase listing.