Aave Might Make a Move for Coinbase’s Base

Aave is considering a proposal to deploy it to the Base network, a Layer-2 Blockchain solution powered by Coinbase.

AAVE V3 Deployment on Ethereum Layer 2 METIS Network

Aave has accepted its offer to deploy on the Ethereum Layer 2 Metis network.

GHO Released on Ethereum Testnet

Decentralized finance protocol Aave has announced that it has released its native stablecoin, GHO, on Ethereum testnet Goerli.

The Most Bought Cryptocurrencies by Whales in 2023

Popular crypto analytics platform Santiment revealed an incredible increase in whale transactions for these 4 cryptocurrencies.

Aave Releases Its New Version on Ethereum Network

DeFi platform Aave will release the third version of its crypto lending protocol on the Ethereum network.
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Santiment: “Whales Attack These Three Altcoins”

Santiment said that whale transactions are increasing in these three altcoins.

Santiment: “It Has Enduring Potential”

Santiment evaluated the AAVE, which rose by approximately 34% in 2023 in its latest assessment.

Terra Classic Year-End Forecast Announced

The Terra Classic (LUNC) community is taking striking steps as part of the resurrection project.