Sushiswap CEO Wants to Change the Token Economy

Jared Gray, the boss of Sushiswap, wants to change the token economy of the stock market to revitalize the platform after a difficult 2022 year. The changes proposed by Jared Gray are mainly aimed at increasing liquidity and deriving more benefits from the exchange’s native token, SUSHI. According to the CEO of Sushiswap, these changes will not adversely affect investors who previously held SUSHI. Gray’s official offer includes the following statements:

“In line with the goals of the original xSushi model, the primary goal of our new model is to promote decentralization and reward individuals who increase liquidity by creating a reward mechanism that increases with volume-fee.”

According to the proposal, four major changes will be implemented in Sushiswap’s native tokens. First, xSushi holders will now earn revenue from paid network fees instead of rewarding them through trading fees. Liquidity pool providers that generate the most volume will receive increased rewards and receive large commissions from swap fees.

In addition, reducing inflation in the SUSHI token will make buyback, burn and locked liquidity transactions more attractive to investors. According to the proposal description, the developers now want to focus on long-term investors.

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