Nayib Bukele, President of the Central American country El Salvador, which accepted Bitcoin as the official currency last September, shared his 2022 predictions.

Adoption towards cryptocurrencies in 2021 was such that for the first time a country accepted Bitcoin as its legal currency. Although this move of El Salvador was criticized by many authorities, the country did not give up on this move. The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, believed that Bitcoin would be beneficial for his country so much that he started mining Bitcoin with volcanic renewable energy sources in the country.

Nayip Bukele El Salvador

Bukele stated that he predicts that the biggest crypto money with its market value will reach 100 thousand dollars this year. Also, according to Bukele, two more countries will accept Bitcoin as legal currency in 2022. The President also predicted that the construction of the Bitcoin city will begin in El Salvador, and that the Bitcoin bonds that El Salvador will issue will be in high demand. Finally, Bukele expects a big surprise at the Bitcoin conference to be held in April in the USA. The President is on the speaker list of the conference. El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin as the official currency was also announced in Bitcoin 2021 last year.

Expectations for Bitcoin from 2022 are great. Beyond Bukele's predictions, it is stated that this year the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may approve a Bitcoin ETF. Apart from these, it is expected that more companies will buy Bitcoin in 2022, big technology companies will develop products and services related to Bitcoin, and banks will start giving Bitcoin-backed loans.

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Bridgewater Associates boss Ray Dalio said he feels neither bearish nor bullish on Bitcoin (BTC). Dalio reiterated that he was impressed by Bitcoin's ability to stand the test of time intact. But he warned of some of the risks Bitcoin faces. First of all, he believes that a new alternative may emerge, as everything eventually wears out due to the nature of evolution. He predicts that more money could flow into NFTs and other cryptocurrencies for diversification purposes.