Support Threshold From Binance After Coinbase

After Coinbase, support for Threshold (T), the popular altcoin of recent days, came from Binance. Binance said in a statement today that they will add Threshold to futures. Binance made the following statements in its statement:

“Binance Futures will launch USDT perpetual contracts for Threshold (T) on 01/02/2023 13:00 UTC with up to 20x leverage. Binance’s multi-asset mode will allow users to use TUSDT Perpetual between multiple margin assets, subject to applicable discounts. It allows it to trade contracts, so when the Multi Asset Mode is enabled, users can use BUSD as collateral when trading TUSDT Perpetual Contracts.”

Binance also announced the funding rates, maximum leverage and minimum transaction limit for TUSDT perpetual contracts.

Threshold, which has risen by approximately 30% after Binance’s announcement, continues to be traded at $0.051920 at the time of writing, although it has experienced some pullback.

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