Support from Binance to Harmony

Binance continues to support the market. In this direction, the Binance exchange took an important step about the altcoin called Harmony.

In its latest announcement, Binance announced on its official website that it will support the network upgrade and hard fork of one of the industry’s popular products, Harmony (ONE).

Stating that investments and withdrawals with ONE will be suspended during this hard fork and network upgrade, Binance has also emphasized the following under the heading “please keep in mind”:

  • ONE trade will not be affected during network upgrade and hard fork.
  • Binance will fulfill all relevant technical requirements for all users holding ONE in their Binance account.
  • Harmony (ONE) network upgrade and hard fork do not cause new tokens to be created.
  • We will reopen deposits and withdrawals for ONE once we consider the upgraded network stable, but we will not notify users with a new announcement.

Although the popular exchange won the appreciation of investors by supporting the network upgrade and hard fork of Harmony (ONE), it failed to make the price of ONE experience a significant rise.

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