Binance shared that it has integrated its Layer 2 scaling solution, Optimism, into its system, as it is optimistic about the future of Ethereum's Layer 2. Although Binance announced that the only thing supported at the moment is deposits, he stated that when the optimal liquidity is reached, withdrawal transactions will also be opened.

Binance stated the following in its announcement:

   “We will initiate withdrawals for ETH on Binance, optimism network once we have enough assets in our wallet.”

Although there are many claims on the market about the update of Ethereum, the exact date is still unknown. The ETH update, which can be a good base data for the new bull season, excites investors.

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According to CoinGecko data at the time of writing the news, the leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH), which is at $ 1,977, has managed to break the symmetrical triangle formation upwards in the past hours.

ETH, which we saw that Bitcoin lost value again after falling, managed to make a new break up, even though it sags into the triangle formation.

The leading altcoin, which we expect to add value to its value in the coming hours, can gradually reach the levels of $ 2300 and $ 2550 after exceeding the $ 2000 psychological resistance level.

Our readers, who will be able to enter the trade by exceeding $ 2000, can follow the critical resistance levels we have mentioned, with a stop.

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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Is No Longer A Billionaire

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said on Friday that he is no longer a billionaire after the steep drop in Ethereum (ETH) prices this year. Buterin announced in a Tweet on Friday that he had lost his billionaire status. Buterin, 27, became the youngest crypto billionaire after the price of Ethereum surpassed $3,000 in 2021.

Buterin, who created Ethereum in 2014, reportedly owns a wallet of around 290,000 ETH ($574.1 million). At some point, the wallet would be worth more than $1.5 billion, corresponding to the rise in ETH prices. However, ETH is down about 60% from the $4860 ATH touched in November 2021.