Sun: “What Happened in Hong Kong Is An Essay for China”

TRON founder Justin Sun praised China’s crypto move through Hong Kong in a recent interview. Speaking to Decrypt from the US media, Sun also said that Hong Kong’s strict closure and regulation policy during the Kovid period scared many companies, but later this trend was abandoned. Stating that Hong Kong’s recent crypto steps should be appreciated, Sun said that what happened was a trial for all of China:

What happened in Hong Kong is a huge step for China. It is the first time that we see cryptocurrencies being released in a region that belongs to China. And this is a test for all of China… We see that.

As it will be remembered, Sun said in an interview last year that he thought that China would start accepting cryptocurrencies again and that this step would bring the new bull season. Stating that the crypto policy in Hong Kong is too inclusive, Sun said, “Today, even Chinese citizens with a residence permit in Hong Kong have the right to make crypto money transactions.”

As it is known, Hong Kong has an autonomous structure within itself, but uses this autonomy under the domination of China. It is known that many laws have been implemented in the country with the influence and support of China. Therefore, it is almost impossible for the crypto move to become law without the permission of China… Hong Kong took its first positive step in the field of crypto money last year by approving Bitcoin and Ether ETFs. As of today, new crypto rules have officially entered into force in the country.

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