Sui blockchain breaks record: Competition is increasing!

In the last 24 hours, the number of transactions on the Sui blockchain has reached the highest value, surpassing 29 million. Sui 8192, a simple blockchain game, triggered a huge spike in daily transactions happening on the Sui Network. The game was originally built entirely on the blockchain by Sui wallet provider Ethos Wallet. It is also open source and is intended to serve as an example of how applications can evolve on the Sui blockchain.

A recent Twitter post from onchain analytics provider Artemis states that the game has allowed Sui Network to beat Solana in day-to-day transactions. Artemis data shows that Sui Network’s transaction count has exceeded 20 million recently, while Solana has surpassed 16 million daily transactions. However, he added that he used a different methodology to calculate daily transactions for Sui Network.

Sui, which is in great competition with Solana on blockchain, continues to attract global attention. Refreshing the record by exceeding 29 million in terms of the number of transactions, Sui became a trend topic on social media platforms as well. How this situation will reflect on the price of SUI is one of the most curious questions.

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