Sudoswap Airdropped Its Sudo Tokens

SudoSwap has completed its AirDrop, in which it distributes SUDO tokens among its users according to predetermined criteria. It is evaluated that some users received 100 thousand dollars worth of tokens with the AirDrop performed.

An important part of the cryptocurrency industry, AirDrops are the unsolicited distribution of a token or coin to multiple wallet addresses, often free of charge. AirDrops are generally a marketing tactic used to gain users by promoting the project.

SudoSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) protocol that enables the trustless exchange of NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The protocol was launched in May of 2022 by the developer behind 0xmons, a human-artificial intelligence hybrid NFT project made up of animated monsters produced by Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

Eligible users to get a share of SudoSwap’s AirDrop were early liquidity providers in SudoSwap, as well as 0xmon NFT holders, a collection of NFTs created by SudoSwap’s founding team. Also, xmon (XMON), the Ethereum-based utility token 0xmons project, will be able to lock their tokens in SudoSwap to receive SUDO tokens one month later.

Some users have already received $100,000 worth of tokens with AirDrop, according to Steven Zheng, research director of The Block, who compared the valuation to another NFT project Looks and based their token value on an initial SUDO supply of 60 million. The developers note that SUDO tokens are initially non-transferable but can be used to vote on governance decisions to determine future development and ecosystem strategies for SudoSwap. on the other hand

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