One of the most watched Twitch streamers, xQc announced that it turned down a major NFT-focused sponsorship deal. Saying that he received a total offer of 1.2 million dollars from an unidentified company, the Canadian publisher stated that despite the astronomical figure, he rejected the offer without hesitation.

The company requested a special section on the xQc channel, a personal support, a video for the website, and three teasers on Twitter. The famous Twitch broadcaster would have earned $ 1.2 million if he had fulfilled what was asked of him.

Twitch xQc

   "Today, I got a crazy NFT sponsorship offer and the amounts were astronomical. But saying no to them was even more fun."

The vast majority of viewers expressed their satisfaction with the famous Twitch broadcaster's rejection of the ad offer and expressed their support for his decision. The debate over NFT sponsorships is raging among creators on Twitch and other streaming platforms. While some join the blockchain caravan, many, including Hasan and Pokimane, oppose projects in this direction.

According to Twitch data that was leaked in October of last year, xQc is the second highest-earning streamer on the platform, with approximately $8.5 million per year. The Canadian name is the fifth content creator to reach 10 million followers on Twitch, while Ninja remains by far the most popular figure on the platform with around 18 million followers.

Twitch or Twitch TV is a social media platform where online games are broadcast live. The founders of this game platform, which has been in our lives since 2011, are Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, the founders of Justin TV. This platform, which is usually broadcast live over the League of Legends, LOL game among the public, is a platform where you can earn money by agreeing with Twitch when your followers exceed 5000.