Strong Words from Strike CEO Jack Mallers

Jack Mallers, the young CEO of the US payment company Strike, made evaluations about the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange and what happened. The successful CEO, known for his clear-speaking style and frankness, stated that the FTX exchange was engaged in a fraudulent activity. Connecting to a broadcast from the US media on CNBC, Mallers said that Bitcoin once again separated from other cryptocurrencies and used the following statements:

“My, Strike, or Bitcoin in general has nothing to do with SBF or FTX. This is nothing but a heinous and malicious crime. It’s a crime if they steal my car down the street. It’s the same thing. “It has as much to do with these events as the theft of Bitcoin. This is a high quality fraud and criminal activity. This person created money out of thin air, took money as collateral, borrowed money using user funds, and went bankrupt.”

“Nevertheless, it’s nice that people are starting to see that there is ‘only Bitcoin and others,’ thanks to these events. The crypto industry and what they call blockchain is just arbitrage on the trend. Mankind has already started to find its way by discovering Bitcoin. How money is the core of a living society. “We have created the most perfect version of it. Other cryptocurrencies such as orange coin, pink coin or FTT coin are assets that only serve to make money with arbitrage on this trend and even enable criminal activities. And this should stop now.”

“However, this expensive lesson has shown us again that there is Bitcoin and others. This did not surprise me at all… It is not surprising that FTX has no Bitcoin either. Because if you want to commit crimes, commit fraud, if you want to sell monkey pictures for a high price and wash money, you will not use Bitcoin. Arbitrage on this trend has now collapsed. It’s all over. People have seen the difference between a well-engineered tool that exists for humanity and a fake FTX coin.”

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