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Stripe Makes Fiat-Crypto Payments Easier

Payment company Stripe has announced that it has launched a project to facilitate fiat-to-crypto payments for companies. The project will allow customers to more easily use cryptocurrencies to interact with businesses around the world.

The company announced in a blog post today that it has launched a project that will facilitate fiat and crypto payments for companies around the world.

The offer, which will allow interacting directly with DEXs, NFTs and DApps, is designed so that customers can instantly purchase cryptocurrencies in web3 apps. 11 of the company’s first 16 projects were built on the Solana blockchain. Stripe stressed that it offers customizable ramp services, along with addressing KYC, payments, fraud and compliance issues.

“We created a fiat-to-crypto ramp to eliminate logistical complexity”

The company has expanded its partnerships with crypto companies over the past year, offering more support for crypto payments to 67 countries, allowing the company to send USDC to people and businesses.

One of the first companies to use Stripe’s new ramp was decentralized music platform Audius. The platform launched an app that allows content creators to be tipped with the AUDIO token last July.

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