Stockton Gives Relevant Time for Bottom Level

While crypto investors are questioning when the declines that started at the end of last year will end, a report from Fairlead Strategies company founder and analyst Katie Stockton was presented to company customers on the subject. Stockton stated that price movements have turned negative for the short term in the company’s crypto currency analysis and said:

“Bitcoin is also below the 50-day moving average of 17,400… In the short term, price action has turned negative. We expect a retest of November lows. 15.600 level can be seen in the coming weeks”

Stating that he expects a decrease in the short term, Stockton did not speak differently for the long term:

“Long-term momentum also looks strongly negative. In a few months, we can see 13 thousand 900 levels. This is the peak of 2019. We think that the lowest level can be seen after about 7 months. After that, an upward counter-movement may begin.”

Stockton said that while Bitcoin was at $ 30,000 in the summer of 2021, $ 50 thousand was not far away, and Bitcoin peaked at $ 69 thousand in November.

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