STEPN Announces Apple Pay Integration

STEPN has announced that it is the first blockchain gaming app to integrate Apple Pay. Following the announcement, GMT, the native token of the M2E game, has been on the rise. Move to Earn (M2E) game STEPN has made a remarkable announcement. The pioneering “move and earn” project has integrated a payment channel external to the cryptocurrency wallet. According to the announcement made by the developers, Apple Pay can now be used to buy shoes.

Thus, the Web3 game became the first blockchain game application to integrate Apple Pay. While STEPN developers reported that they received support from Apple, they shared the future of different innovations for IOS users.

Now, STEPN will offer the “Badges and Achievements” system like other games on the App Store. The success of STEPN, which provides the purchase of USDC via Apple Pay, was also appreciated on the investor side. The price of the GMT coin recorded gains of up to 7%, climbing as high as $0.29.

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