Stellar is preparing for a big announcement

Stellar, which operates in the payment sector in the crypto industry and is the biggest rival of Ripple, the leading Blockchain company in this field, announced last week that it is days away from a groundbreaking development on X. This announcement rapidly increased the demand for XLM, and the cryptocurrency diverged positively from the market last week, rising by 12% to $ 0.13. Stellar will reportedly be moving to the real world in 5 days, in the clueless but exciting announcement on September 7th. According to this statement, the team is expected to present details of the development, which it describes as a game changer, by tomorrow.

However, it seems that Stellar is taking firm steps forward. Stellar’s best-known collaborators, which have the vision of making international payments easier and more cost-effective, include USDC issuer Circle and international fund transfer company MoneyGram. MoneyGram had made an important partnership with Ripple in the past years, but after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple, the company withdrew from the agreement and turned its route to Stellar. Last month, Stellar strengthened its ties with the fund transfer company by acquiring a minority stake in MoneyGram.

While Stellar’s big announcement is awaited with excitement, there are many speculations in the market about the subject. The most striking among these is the rumor that Elon Musk may integrate XLM into X after recently obtaining the crypto payment license for the social media platform X. However, since there is no sufficient clue from either side on this issue, XLM investors continue to eagerly await the announcement expected to be made by tomorrow. Depending on the magnitude of the announcement to be made by Stellar, XLM may rise rapidly, with a positive divergence from the cryptocurrency markets with a negative outlook. However, if the announcement is delayed or does not meet expectations, it may cause sales in cryptocurrencies to accelerate.

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