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Stargate Deploys to Kava Chain

Stargate, the leading multi-chain liquidity layer and local asset bridge with a transaction volume exceeding $18 billion, is now deployed on Kava Chain, layer 1 interoperable with Cosmos-Ethereum. Stargate’s success in connecting Ethereum networks is unmatched, with 300 times more TVL than the next most used bridge. Deployment of Stargate on Kava Chain provides DeFi users with the most secure and efficient way to move USDt between the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.

The integration allows users on any chain of Stargate to access USDt on Kava Chain and every chain of applications on Cosmos Blockchain Internet. Ease of use features like one-click transfers and swaps, combined with combined liquidity and instant guaranteed certainty, make USDt capital migration efficient and simple. Stargate’s native asset processing capabilities provide a more direct and efficient connection with the Cosmos ecosystem. Kava Chain Co-Founder Scott Stuart said:

It has seen impressive growth since Kava Chain became the exclusive local USDt hub for Tether, with 90 million local USDt issuances. With Kava Chain now on Stargate, both retail and corporate users who previously had limited access to certain Kava features now have a much wider range of opportunities with USDt.

Stargate’s participation, coupled with Kava Chain’s USDt integration, promises to spur growth, increase liquidity exposure, and open the Kava Chain and Cosmos ecosystems to wider markets in an unprecedented way for the first time. Kava Chain is a secure, lightning-fast Layer 1 blockchain that combines the developer power of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos in a single, scalable network. Committed to fostering innovation and growth, Kava Chain is the trusted choice for developers and users worldwide.

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