Starbucks NFTs Released and Quickly Completely Sold

The world-famous coffee chain Starbucks came to the fore with a new development yesterday. Starbucks, which attracted attention by selling its first paid NFT collection, was in high demand.

Making statements about its collection called “Siren”, Starbucks used the following statements:

“As our company has grown over the years, the Siren has been with us, evolving and adapting to reflect the brand and culture. Inspired by the memorable 5 Siren phrases, this collection follows Siren’s journey from Seattle’s local celebrity to a respected global icon. It’s made up of unique pieces.”

Launching the NFT collection consisting of 2,000 pieces, Starbucks achieved great success with its first paid collection. The Siren collection, which was sold for $100 each, sold out within minutes.

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