Music streaming giant Spotify is testing a new feature where artists can show their NFTs on the platform. Spotify has announced that this option is only available to a very small group of artists, including Steve Aoki and the Wombats, and to select Android users in the United States. A Spotify spokesperson commented on the new feature on Monday.

   “Spotify is running a test to help a small group of artists promote existing third-party NFT offerings through their artist profiles. We routinely run a series of tests to improve artist and fan experiences. Some of these tests pave the way for a broader experience. Others are simply important. It serves as a learning function.”

In the Spotify experiment, artists will be able to view NFTs on their profile page. As reported by the platform, it does not support NFTs that are GIFs or videos. Users will be able to browse and explore by clicking on the NFTs. Spotify has also created a see more option that redirects users to NFT's where-to-buy page on the Opensea marketplace. The music streaming service announced that it did not charge any fees as part of this test.

wombats nft

Spotify announced that the trial was conducted in response to requests from the music industry. He also said that the $20 billion company reflects its efforts to bring artists and fans together on its platform. In October last year, the company partnered with Shopify to allow artists to market their products directly to their fans through the Spotify app.

OpenSea updates on NFT editions

NFT marketplace giant OpenSea announced on Monday that it has updated the printing process for NFTs with a new printing experience. OpenSea said in its blog post that creators will present their collections with custom dropdowns and greater discoverability. In addition, collectors can now print directly from an OpenSea page. This will happen along with a new service called SeaDrop, which is an open source contract. Thus, NFT developers will not need to create custom smart contracts.