Spotify Is Testing Token-Enabled Music Playlists

Spotify testing a new system that allows access to special content on NFTs and the establishment of different interactions with platform. The system, which is called Token, is currently tested in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The pilot program is carried out only through the Android operating system and is open to accessers with Creeepz NFTs. According to the application, users can access the playlists integrated into NFTs. In permissible areas, users can use this feature by connecting their wallets to the platform.

It was stated that the test phase of the new service will last 3 months, while the playlists will be constantly updated during this time. Spotify spokesman, on the subject, the music listening platform has performed a series of routine tests to improve the user experience, and some of them pave the way for a wider user experience.

Spotify has been reported to have over 490 million users, and the platform has tried to integrate into NFT service in recent periods. Some of these experiments also allowed artists such as The Women and Steve Aoki to introduce NFTs in Spotify profiles. At the end of this process, detailed information has not yet been provided as to whether Spotify will open the NFT playl list feature.

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