There were serious drops in the cryptocurrency world on Saturday. While some investors are panicking, analysts advise not to panic. They share that this drop could be a bottom and their expectations for an uptrend.

Jay Freed, one of the investors followed in the crypto money world, shared with his followers three cryptocurrencies with the potential to increase up to 100 times in 2022.

The 3 coins that Freed shared with his followers are;

SpookySwap (BOO)

Spookyswap to USD Chart

The first altcoin on Freed's radar is SpookySwap(BOO), an automated market maker and decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network. In his statement about the BOO coin, the analyst makes the following definition.

   “Phantom Opera is a decentralized exchange that provides an all-in-one service to leverage diversified funds across ecosystems with speed.”

Although SpookySwap is a newly developed project, it has reached $673 million in TVL. The current market value is $79 million and the BOO is trading at $13. Additionally, SpookySwap is ranked #1 on Fantom and #6 DEX overall.

MetisDao (METIS)

MetisDAO to USD Chart

Metis is in the second place in the statements of the popular analyst. Based on the Optimistic Rollup, Metis is creating an easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost and fully functional layer 2 framework to fully support application migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Metis' scalable protocol supports a wide variety of use cases, including NFT platforms, decentralized Reddit-like social platforms, open source developer communities, influencer communities, gaming communities, freelance communities, crowdfunding, yield farming, DEX operations.

At this point, Freed especially underlines the fact that Metis has integrated the Decentralized Autonomous Enterprise (DAC) framework into its layer 2 infrastructure.

DogemonGo (DOGO)

DogemonGo to USD Chart

DogemonGo is on the lists of many analysts. According to Freed's statements, DogemonGo is very similar to the famous Pokemon Go game. It's based on the same principle, there are lots of Dogemon instead of just Pokemon. Players are rewarded with Dogecoins when they hunt a Dogemon.

On the other hand, Freed draws attention to 2 unique selling points of this project. First, DogemonGo players have a completely immersive experience through the VR concept as they try to catch Dogemons inside the game. Second, on DogemonGo, players can market their personal investments into projects, cryptocurrencies or tokens. So Dogemon also works as an advertising platform.