Spanish museum prepares Van Gogh collection

The National Museum of Spain will transform the world-famous painter Van Gogh into NFT. The museum is reportedly working on a private collection of Van Gogh NFTs. Thus, for the first time in Spain, a national museum will produce NFT.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum of Spain announced that it has collaborated with Olyverse to bring Van Gogh to the metaverse. Carlos Grenoir, CEO of Metaverse platform Olyverse, explained that artworks are converted into high-resolution NFTs using blockchain technology. Grenoir noted that the works were approved by the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, a national museum.

It has been noted that each NFT representing the original works is part of the limited series. Only 100 of the NFTs will be available for purchase in cooperation with Telefónica and its NFT marketplace.

Stating that they democratized access to art through NFTs, Grenoir said, “We hope to enable individuals to experience the works of Van Gogh.” Owners of Van Gogh NFTs will be able to showcase their digital artifacts on blockchain-powered displays. For this, cooperation was made with technology giant LG. The works of Vincent van Gogh were previously turned into NFT by the foundation for the painter. The Vincent van Gogh Sites Foundation (VGSF) had released its first NFT collection about the famous painter.

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